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At Aumni Transmission, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we are committed to practicing our Quality Assurance Protocols at every step of the manufacturing process, from incoming supply of materials to final inspection of the product. We adhere to a strict quality check process to ensure the highest quality of our products and to meet the design and the specified requirement of our customers. Tests and inspections are carried out throughout the process on a sampling basis to ensure compliance with the Indian and global industry standards. This allows us to monitor the entire production line and minimise defects.

The tests and inspection outlined here represent the examples of the continuous quality control process undertaken for maintaining the quality of the products. Some of the processes that we follow routinely at Aumni Transmission:-
  • We inspect all the vendors to evaluate their capabilities to cater to our clients’ requirements prior to placing any order to them.
  • We carefully examine all incoming raw material on a random sampling basis.
  • We follow the stringent practice of getting chemical analysis done on raw materials within our own testing labs.
  • Manufacturing process is controlled by 100% visual checking during production, physical testing of random samples in every batch and process documentation at every step is done.
  • During the galvanising process, we measure zinc coating with Elcometer and carry out batch-wise dip tests. Every record is documented in process sheet which is monitored daily to ensure on-time delivery.
  • The purchaser carries out final inspection and testing of products as per approved drawings and specifications provided.

ATIPL, a specialized transmission company with comprehensive in house design manufacturing facilities and meets the stringent testing norms from authoritative independent laboratories including CPRI, Bangalore, ERDA, Vadodara, GPRI, Chennai and NSIC Howrah.

We have the advantage of having an entire in-house testing facility with NABL accredited testing equipment, which aids our clients to conduct the acceptance test(s) within our company campus, thereby saving a lot of time.

Our Manufacturing and Testing Facilities are located in Manjusar GIDC, Vadodara, Gujarat.

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