Welcome to ATIPL

India's Leading
Integrated Manufacturer
of OHTL & OHE Fittings.

Welcome to ATIPL

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company Committed to Deliver Excellence

Welcome to ATIPL

Redefining Quality Standards
Through Constant Innovation

Welcome to ATIPL

Striving Towards Sustainable Growth and Development

AT A Glance

ATIPL, Aumni Transmission Industry Private Limited, is one of the most esteemed and prominent manufacturers of Transmission Line Hardware Fittings, Ground Wire Accessories and Conductor Accessories in India. We are industry leaders in the verticals of Overhead Transmission line Hardware Fittings & Accessories; Substation Hardware Fittings and Clamp & Connectors; OPGW & OFC Cable Hardware Fitting & Accessories; Over Head Electric Equipments (OHE Fittings) for the Indian Railways; Regulated OHE & Power Supply Installations (PSI) for Indian Railway Electrification.

ATIPL was established in 2006 to cater to the rising need of specialized distribution and transmission line hardware & fittings for railway electrification projects across the nation. Our core belief has always been to deliver the highest quality in our products which is enabled by our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and our stringent production and quality protocols. Serving more than 150 clients over two decades both in the private and the public sector, ATIPL has emerged as India’s leading integrated manufacturer of OHTL fittings & OHE Fittings.

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